Nissan Altima Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor OCCUPANT CLASSIFICATION SENSOR EMULATOR


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Product information

Nissan Altima  Passenger Airbag OCS Sensor (Occupant Classification)  b1018  - bypass emulator



Make: NISSAN     Model: Altima   
Year's : 2007-2013*

* fourth  generation L32

Additional detail :
3 wire OCS sensor ( brown , red , white )
Connector for the sensor can be hidden at a different location.
For  Nissan Altima  -  check  at the back of the seat  under the flap . 
 If you are unable to locate the connector send us a message and we will help You to find the connector.

If you are unsure about compatibility with your vehicle, please use the contact form or send an email to

OCS  malfunction codes are b1018 & b1019 
In rare occasion  these codes are accompanied / triggered with b1022- communication fault.


            Product Features:

  • Our modules have been fully tested using the Original Airbag System installation.
  • Airbag360 modules are covered with a lifetime warranty
  • For easy installation Airbag360 emulators are equipped with original manufacturer connectors.
  • There is no risk of making a wrong connection
  • Installation of our modules can be done by anyone without extra cost.
  • Seat Occupied - Airbag Enabled
  • QC passed.
  • Made by a professional company from the highest quality components tested for automotive applications.
  • After sale support
  • 30 days money-back Guarantee

Prior to buying an Airbag360 module, please make sure that your car’s airbag problem has been correctly diagnosed.

If you are unsure about the OBDII diagnostic codes or their description, please contact us and we will check and confirm them for you.

Our Airbag360 emulator will only cure / resolve diagnostic fault codes that indicate a passenger occupancy sensor malfunction.

Any other unrelated codes need to be resolved separately.


Airbag360 emulators are equipped with an original manufacturer connector.

Installation can be completed in 3 simple steps.

1. With the ignition turned OFF (disconnecting the battery is not necessary) look under the passenger seat and disconnect the original occupancy sensor connector. (3-pronged)

2. Replace the original sensor plug with the Airbag360 emulator

3. Turn on the ignition and start the vehicle.

In most cases after the installation of our emulator, the SRS warning light will go OFF without having to erase any fault codes.

In some cases it depends on how long the malfunction fault code has been stored and in which memory it was saved to.


All orders placed with the Airbag360 online shop are processed and posted on the same or next working day.

Estimated delivery time to the U.S is between 7 and 10  working days.

Delivery is made by the USPS by registered mail with tracking number requiring a signature upon receipt.

How does the Airbag360 device work?

For safety reasons our emulator generates and sends the same signal to the airbag monitoring system as would an occupied seat.

In case of an accident, the airbag will deploy even without the presence of a passenger.

With our emulator installed, the Passenger Airbag will be activated at all times! This is nothing to be concerned about as many cars do not have occupancy sensors and their airbags are permanently activated.

We advise you not to transport rear-facing child seats on the front passenger seat of your vehicle when using the emulator. The safest place for a child seat in your vehicle is in the back seat behind the driver.

If you are unsure about compatibility with your vehicle, please use the contact form or send an email to

Your Safety is Our Priority !


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Works as advertised! Thank you!

Works perfectly for my 09 Altima! Couldn't have passed inspection without it.

Took about 10 minutes to install since it's a pain getting under the seat. I'd recommend moving the seat to the halfway point of the track and reaching under the seat from the front.

The connector you're looking for isn't the two at the front of the seat but the one right behind them. To get the existing connector/wire out, push down on the thin piece of plastic at the top of the housing then wiggle it back until it comes off.

I had to do the airbag reset trick to get it to take full effect. Just look up "Nissan Altima airbag light reset" on YouTube for instructions, it's super easy.

Jim Hartman | Virginia | April 2022

This product works great.

This product works great. But even better was the customer service. Email them and they quickly reply. Thank you Airbag360 for a good product.

2011 Altima S | Islamorada Florida, U.S.A. | March 2022

Very good product

This is a very easy and painless product to install. I plugged the module in and reset the code and it turned the airbag light off right away. I have been using it for about a month now and the light is still off.

Alexander Jones | Ontario | April 2021


2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S

Failed state inspection cause if the airbag light. The shop and the dealer both quoted me about $1100 to fix it which is absurd. But then I found this and it works!!

Literally plugged it in and then reset the Airbag UI.

(a simple process. Turn the ignition to ON, but don't start the car. Wait for the airbag light to go from solid to off and right before it starts it's first blink, quickly turn the ignition back off. Wait 5 seconds and quickly turn the ignition back ON. Repeat this 3 times. You can find other instructions and videos on the web.)

The connector was easy to undo and snap the new one into place. On my 2012 Altima the connector was located towards the FRONT of the seat and is the only connector that this will fit.

I hope more people find this! Thanks for making a great product!

Jon Ely | Chesterfield, Virginia. USA | July 2020

As intended

Works good so far. Connections in the US model Altima 2010 S were located under the seat near the middle. Single connector unsnapped, then snapped in this imposter and it was good to go, air bag armed. Only thing now is I'd have to jumper the seat belt to fool the car into thinking the seat belt is on to get rid of the seat belt warning light that turns on when no one is seated there. I'll probably leave it lit so that I can tell if the passenger has their seatbelt on our not. Thanks

Intel1397 | USA.SC | November 2019

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