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HYUNDAI Elantra 2004-2006 Passenger Seat OCCUPANT Sensor b1448 OCS EMULATOR

Product Condition: New
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Hyundai Elantra 2004-2006 Passenger Airbag Seat Occupancy Sensor emulator
B1448 OC (Occupant Classification) -Passenger Sensor Mat Defect 


   MakeHyundai USA      ModelElantra        
                                Year : 2004-2006

            Product Features:

  •  Fully tested using  Original Airbag System installation. 
  •  Airbag360 modules are covered with lifetime warranty
  •  For easy installation Airbag360 emulators are equipped with  genuine  connectors.
  • No risk connecting wrong  
  • Installation of our modules  can be completed  by everyone without extra cost. 
  • Seat Occupied - Airbag Enabled
  • QC passed.
  • Made by professional company from highest quality components aproven for automotive aplications
  • VAT invoice on request
  • After sale support 
  • 30 days money back Guarantee

Prior to buying Airbag360 module make sure Your car is correctly diagnosed.  
 If You are not sure about fault codes  or its description  contact us and we will check & confirm them for You.
 Airbag360 emulator will only cure / resolve fault codes that indicate passenger occupancy sensor malfunction.

 Any other & not related  codes need to be resolved separately.



Installation can be completed in 4 steps by  everyone .

Airbag360  modules are equiped with original conector .

Step 1. Turn Off ingnition 
Step 2 . Under Passenger seat locate sensor connector 
Step 3 . In place of original sensor plug in Airba360 module
Step 4. Turn ON ingnition 

How to order and Pay via card ?   -  Instructions 

Delivery :

All orders placed with Airbag360 online shop are processed and posted on same or next working day .

Estimated delivery time to U.S ?  Between 5 and 7 working days.

Delivery is made by USPS registered, trackable signed for service .


How  Airbag360  Device works ?

For Safety reasons our Emulator generated and send the same signal to airbagmodule as occupied seat

- In case of accident  the airbag will deploy even without presence of Passenger.

With our emulator installed Passenger Airbag will beActivated  at all Time's ! is nothing to worried as many cars dont have occupancy sensors and their airbag's are pernamently activated .


We Advice that rear-facing child seat's not to be transported on front seat in your vehicle  when emulator is in use.
The Safest place for child seat  in your vehicle is  at back seat  behind driver. 


IF  You are not sure about  compatiability  with your vehicle
 please use contact form or send  E-mail to

Your Safety is Our Priority !

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TK-Virginia, USA-5 Stars

Fit Like a Glove

Fit like original equipment and fixed the problem! Dealer quoted me $2K+ to fix the problem or get a used sensor from the junkyard......I’d be back to square 1 after while so I elected to tryout the bypass sensor from airbag360. Read good reviews, which were all rang true. Great value and easy to install after I unbolted the seat. Thank you!

Mark-US-5 Stars

Worked like a charm. Had the b1448 error code on my 2004 Elantra, installed the emulator and the air bag light is now off. Easy to install.

Bill-Reno, Nevada-5 Stars

This Emulator works great !!!!! , I found the problem with my code reader and with a little research online with all the Hyundai passenger seat problems , this little device took care of my problem, and shipping was pretty darn fast, thanks

Charles Sule-New Orleans, LA-5 Stars

My 2006 Hyundai Elantra recently started showing the Air Bag light. ODB scan gave a b1448 code for a bad ocs. The airbag360 DIY option made the most sense. I saved a lot of money and/or a lot of work to get this fixed. Installed in minutes and I didn't have to remove the seat. Working perfectly now. Safe driving everyone!

eric feingold-Maui, Hawaii-5 Stars

Airbag light had been on since the day I bought my 2005 elantra 2nd hand. Did a scan with an OBDII scanner and the code came up B1448, passenger seat mat. Wasn't sure about this product but decided to get one anyway. Dealer's prices are off the wall for this type of repair. Received the emulator promptly, removed 4 screws holding the passenger seat, looked underneath to find 2 black wire/connectors. One was only 2 pronged, so it was the other one, the 3-pronged one. Installed and PRESTO, no more airbag light. Brilliant device

Mike-Texas-5 Stars

Update on my previous post. The emulator continues to do it's job. I'm very happy with the results

Chris-Oregon-5 Stars

Glad I researched products to fix the air bag issue in my 06 Hyundai Elantra, because once I found this product and weighing a a 170 dollar purchase to get a new occupancy sensor I install that could also fail, 300 plus for a dealer to do it, or 86 dollars (s&h) for an emulator to give the same signal back and once again return the vehicle to a safe drive, it was a "no brainer". Took a week for it to come from Ireland but plugged it in and cleared the b1448 code. Will check back in later to update my review if anything fails.

Mike-Texas-5 Stars

It was going to cost me $100 just for a diagnosis but I took a risk and ordered the emulator instead. Just like the instructions said, plug it in under the passenger seat and the Airbag light shut off. I tied it down with some zip ties and hopefully it won't malfunction. I'll wait a few months and write an updated review

Jessica-USA-5 Stars

I was quoted over $1,600 at the Hyundai dealer after my car failed inspection for the airbag light being on. I ordered this device, and it got here from overseas in less than a week! It took about 15 minutes to take the passenger seat off and put this piece in and boom the light went off! Saved over $1,500!!

Sheldon-Oregon, USA-5 Stars

It was going to cost me $1,500 to replace the seat cushion in my Hyundai Elantra. After reading some forums, I was did some research and picked up an emulator from Airbag 360. I unplugged the old connector, plugged in the new and when that airbag light went out on my dash, I was thrilled. Thanks!