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Airbag360  is a company based in Ireland concentrating on solving customers seat occupancy sensor issues.
We offer cost effective solutions to solve problems with airbag systems in a cars.

Up to date we have designed and manufactured emulators compatible with over 200 different car make/models  continiously expanding our offer.

Over the past several years we have selected parts suppliers who offer componets made to meet our high quality requirements, starting from wires right through to the processors we use.

When it comes to devices that potentially save your life there is no room for poor quality solutions.

For hassle free installation most of our products are equiped with original connectors - you just plug in .
This will save you time and money on installation.

In the rare case of a wrong diagnosis all you need to do is unplug our device and we will accept the return and repay your money (excl. postage), no quibble -guaranteed.

All of our emulators are programmed to send a "seat occupied" signal to the airbag module which means that with or without a passanger on the seat your airbag will deploy.


 Your Safety Is Our Priority!